Lives of Man

Lives of Man course brief

During the eight session we will cover:

  • A brief introduction to Imam al-Haddad, who he was, where he lived, who he studied with, what books he authored and some of his distinguishing devotional characteristics.
  • The benefits of studying his books, and in particular studying the ‘Lives of Man’
  • Each of his five lives, Imam al-Haddad explains these as:

Know, that when we pondered deeply the variant lives that the son of Adam passes through we discovered that they can be reduced to five, with each one of them having an appointed term.

The first life begins when God created Adam and placed in his offspring in his loins, amongst them being the felicitous and the wretched. They continue to move from loin to womb until each individual is conceived by the union of his father and his mother.
The second life begins when man enters into the world up until the time of death and his departure from the world.
The third life begins when man, on dying, departs from the world, up until God brings him forth on the blast of the horn, that being the term of the intermediate realm.
The fourth life starts when man comes forth from his grave in order to stand before God for the weighing (of deeds) and the reckoning.
The fifth life begins at the moment man enters Paradise. This is the only life that never expends, lasting forever.

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