Aqida (A1): Tahawiyya

Teacher: Mufti Muhammed ibn Adam
Frequency: see teaching schedule

Those familiar with the development of Islamic theology acknowledge the creedal text of al-Tahawiyah as one of the earliest and primal works in its field, which was to gain acceptance by the Sunni community as representational of its rudiments in belief.

The text of al-Tahawiyah is dogmatic and precise keeping to the fundamentals of a Muslim’s belief. It has been used for centuries by Muslims all over the world as a creedal text to be memorised with basic commentary. During the course reference will be made to Shaykh Hamza Yusuf‘s rendering of the work in to English with the assistant feature of signing each tenet to its relative area of theology

By covering this creedal work it is hoped those attending will obtain a principle understanding of what is meant by the oneness of Allah; What can and cannot be ascribed to Him or described of Him; an understanding of the infallibility of His Messengers and the necessity of this, as well as what constitutes a tenet of faith that must be believed in and areas of belief that are subsidiary.

Students are strongly encouraged to buy The Creed of Imam Al-Tahawi Translated by Hamza Yusuf: