Qur’an Tafsir (A1): Sura Kahf

Teacher: Saquab Ashraf
Frequency: See teaching schedule

Sūra Kahf is a Meccan sura which gets its name from the Sleepers of the Cave, whose story takes a prominent place in the sura (v9–26). This sura also deals with other stories such as Moses’ meeting with an unidentified figure (v60–82), the story of Dhu ’l-Qarnayn (v83–99) and the the parable of the luscious gardens (v32-44). The sura opens and closes with references to the Quran itself.

In this course, we will explore how the cause of revelation narrations (asbab al-nuzul) connected to this sura can help determine a deeper understanding of the sura, in particular its structure and the meanings found therein. The practical lessons that can be derived from these stories, and the relationship of the stories in this sura with other suras in the Quran will be explored.

The course will utilise material from the forthcoming Q-Book publication, which contains diagrams and visual aides to help capture the main concept(s) for a particular verse, as well as highlight QPDs (Quran Points of Discussion):

Q. 18:44 – In that situation, the only protection is that of God, the True God: He gives the best rewards and the best outcome.

This sura is a protection against the trails of the Dajjal. The four main stories in this chapter outlines four (other) trials and God’s protection:

1- Religion (Sleepers of the Cave)
2- Money (Parable of the luscious gardens)
3- Knowledge (Prophet Moses meeting Khidr)
4- Power (Dhu ’l-Qarnayn)

Some traditions about Sura Kahf

Al-Hakim recorded from Abu Sa`id that the Prophet peace be upon him said ‘Whoever recites Surat Al-Kahf on Friday, it will illuminate him with light from one Friday to the next’. Imam Aḥmad recorded from Abu Ad-Darda’ that the Prophet (S) said ‘Whoever memorizes ten verses from the beginning of Sūra Al-Kaḥf will be protected from the Dajjāl.