Qur’an Tafsir (G1): Sura Ya Sin

Teacher: Saquab Ashraf
Frequency: see teaching schedule

This course will introduce the style and composition of the Qur’an by studying the well known sura, Sura Ya Sin. The sura will be broken into five sections:

Section 1: v1-12
Section 2: v13-32
Section 3: v33-53
Section 4: v54-68
Section 5: v69-83

During this course we will look at the linguistic and thematic features of the sura as well as:

  • Introduce the Qur’anic Sciences generally
  • Discuss the benefits of sura Ya Sin as mentioned in classical exegesis literature
  • Introduce types of exegesis, with particular emphasis to the concepts espoused by Razi
  • Discuss the main themes/concepts of Meccan suras
  • Demonstrate consonance within sura Ya Sin and progression of themes/ideas
  • Highlight relationship(s) of verses within sura Ya Sin and other suras
  • Introduce linguistic styles/techniques such as grammatical shift, metaphor, simile, repetition, word choice, parables etc
  • Demonstrate the dawah style of the Qur’an
  • Illustrate the persuasive style of the text
  • Highlight the argument styles posited by the sura such as Through and Counter Argumentations

The CEI summary book supplementing this class will be made available as part of the registration process. The book contains the Arabic and English translation of Hadith traditions on sura Ya Sin, a brief explanation of the sura based on the tafsir of Razi as well as a study pack in the appendix containing each verse of the sura in Arabic together with four common English translations and ample space for notes.